So, you entered here. You are here. But where is "here", when talking about this place, this tópos? Undoubtedly, it is a tópos -- Greek word for place used in Philosophy --; but it is not in space; it is obviously not; soon there is also no time here. And, if this tópos is not in time, everything that happens here is timeless: it does not fall apart, ever.

Spiritualists say that we are always surrounded by ghosts. I know nothing about it, but here, in this chamber, there are certainly countless, invisible, uninteresting ghosts. However, I only see two people -- two red women, that will also see and feel each other under my command.

To my right, next to the entrance door, I see a tall ginger woman, with a light copper-colored long hair, very white skin and very dark eyes. She is Latin-American. And to the left, also near the entrance door, there is a woman with dark reddish hair that we can accept as a redhead woman. She is European. The latter I will call Amber and the first will call Ember.

Well, Amber and Ember, now, I will make you see me here while the light from two lampshades will light up and intensify little by little. The lampshades around me are the color of egg yolks and will go from dimmed to the maximum intensity of half-light as I describe myself here in this tópos: see me before your eyes in this process.

I am lying in a large double bed; the sheets are black satin, I wear an old-fashion robe, as always in the Labyrinth Project experiments. I have my back against the back of the bed, one leg straight and the other bent. Can you see me?

Notice, suddenly, like Eva, that you are naked in the air-conditioned cold environment -- did a shiver go? However, you wear high-heeled shoes: no one enters here without a heel: an old rule.

I'm going to ask Ember to take two steps forward towards me and Amber to do the same, next. Feel the floor under your feet as you walk; feel the weight of your bodies. Hear your breath in the cold chamber. The two face each other. See, each other; look at each other from head to toe. Who's been creepy for a long time? Touch and feel each other; touch each other's hands, show each other's palms, touch each other's palms -- feel that touch --, interlace your fingers. Get closer. A little more. Plus, let your nipples touch each other's bodies. Are your nipples stiffening? Can you hear your own breaths? And each other's breaths? Do you look each other in the eye? Are your breaths a little quick? I'm just asking. Listen to my voice all the time. You already know my voice.

Kiss each other in the mouths; fingers still intertwined, hands can fall to the side of the hips. Kiss and taste each other's mouths. What is real, girls? What is real if not what you can -- feel? Amber, touch Ember's lips with your fingertips, kneading them a little. Ember, feel Amber's touch on that your lips to Brigitte Bardot. Feel and make it real and eternal, because we are in a place outside space-time, therefore eternal.

Ember, put your hand on Amber's neck, kiss her with your mouth wide open, rubbing your tongue over hers, sucking her saliva, turning your head. Amber, place both hands on Ember's breasts while she kisses you. Hold them; massage them with passion. She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen; what do you think? I don't risk falling in love with her, but I can say that she is beautiful. Touch her knowing that she is feeling your touch right now. Isn't this experiment fascinating? Who's creepy in this cold chamber? Well, there must be some heat between you two now. Can you feel each other's body heat? Ember, rub your hands over Amber's body; see if she gets goosebumps? Are you?... Kiss; I want to hear the sound of kisses now. A tight hug with a passionate kiss, breasts confused against each other. Touch each other's waists, the curves of their bodies. Amber touch Ember's pelvis, run your fingers over it. Be bold, show what woman you are. Enjoy the flower of the sex of this beautiful woman. You are two beautiful women. Ember, how would you describe the taste of Amber's mouth? Say the first thing that comes to your mind and you will get it right, you can be sure: this is exactly how her mouth tastes. There is a bit of magic in that.

Very well. You can stop touching and kissing each other. Turn to me; feel your movements.

Amber come to me; give me your hand. Feel my hand around yours. Pulling you up on the bed. Walk on your knees on the mattress to where I'm bringing you. I lay down. Sit on my pelvis and put your feet around my face. They are paved and in high heels, of course. Which sandal of your closet did you choose to be here? See it on your foot next to my head. And watch me open it. Put your foot on my face, gently. Unm, that soft sole. My penis is pointing to my belly button; feel it there, entering your flesh a little, but not in a penetrating position. Leave the other foot, footwear, close to my head; I want to caress you. I want to put my fingers inside your sandal: feel it. Use my legs as a back, throw your hair back, feel free. Now I open the second sandal, feel it. Put the other foot on my face. Feel that I lift them up a little by the heels. Let the balls of your feet touch my forehead. Feel my tongue, my hickeys on the soles of your feet, one and the other; feel my saliva on your skin. Feel my breath, my swelling, pulsating phallus.

OK. You can get up now. You are a married woman and I will respect your relatioship. But if you are not married to God, just by law, and want to play in the future let me know. Go back to the exact spot where you were when I saw you, by the door.

Ember, your turn. See my hand held out waiting for yours. Come, hold it. Let me pull you over me. Yes, I want you to be on top. Walk with your knees on the mattress, feeling it sag under your weight. Sit on my pelvis facing me. Give your mouth to me first. Feel my kiss, my breath, my breath in the cold chamber. Feel my hands slide over your body, your waist, your skin; feel that I grab your breast, that I massage it, rub my thumb over your nipple, which is becoming more and more rigid. Throw the hair all to one side. Let me run the tip of my tongue over your neck, suck the muscles in that neck, suck your throat, bite your lobe on the other side, lightly. Give me your mouth; hold my phallus with that soft hand; put inside you. Feel my finger touching the flower of your sex; I want to dip a finger here, while you lift your body and start to fuck. To fuck my dick, my love, which is all yours right now. Go up, down, up, down, touching the hair, squeezing your breasts. Unm, groan for me; dance on my dick. Feel it pulse, feel how hot it is inside you. Feel my finger touching you at the same time. I'm going to put two fingers now around my penis, in V, and moving them back and forth, while you go up and down. Go crazy, look at the ceiling, lean on my abdomen. Fuck it, babe, fuck very tasty and feel, feel like you're here, with me. Feel and make it eternal: tattoo this moment on the skin of God and eternity. Your hot, delicious sssssss

aaaaah ssssssss
sssss aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh

Give me your mouth again; feel that I roll to the side holding you. And I'm on top, looking in your eyes. Receive my energy from there, where you are. Tomorrow, I want my energy to be in your sweat and gaze. In your saliva, in your gesture, in your hair. Only energy. Any doubts that energy goes through this internet thing and can reach you? I call it information, but people use to say energy, so, whatever, that is what I mean.

Kiss on your mouth, on those breasts, on the bone of the collarbone, on the neck. Kiss, kiss, kiss.

Go now; get up -- I didn't even take off your shoes, was dying to fuck you this way, the way I can this moment -- go to Amber. Hold her hand. Open the door, and get out, you two.