Are you familiar with the term -- visualize? Or do you prefer to mentalize?


Well, my queen, I want you to see in front of you, about two meters ahead, the entrance to a cave.


It is a deep cave of bluish stones. Take a look. Now, get out of your body and enter this cave.


Have you ever had the impression of leaving your body at night? In any case, just get up and walk towards the entrance to the cave, while allowing yourself to be seated in the place where you have always been. That is all for our need.

It is not easy?


* * *


Step on the cold stone of the entrance bare feet. Feel the atmosphere of the bluish cave enveloping your body, touching your skin. Can you hear your heart? Your breath?


Feel, my love, the physical machine of your legs, your muscles moving, step by step; perceive the floor below your feet, the tips and recesses of the stone.


Count your steps. ONE, TWO... Feel each movement: what is real, if not what can be felt? THREE, FOUR... Feel it and make this real; make it real and real forever, as it takes place on a plane where there is neither space nor time. FIVE... Notice: at what time is it happening? In which space?


There is no space or time inside this cave where you and I are together already. There is only the cold stone floor biting the soles of your feet with its points and edges; the sound of your breathing; some voice helping you to count: SIX, SEVEN.


Stop. At the seventh step, you stop. And look at your left side.


There is a second corridor on the left and lots of light in the background. Look there.


Turn towards that light. Turn and feel your body moving.