I can see, once again, two women at the front door.

To the left of the entrance, I see a woman not very tall, slim, natural and well-made breasts, fair skin, blue eyes, short, bristling blond hair. Feel that you are here, woman, while I describe you. I see you naked with high-heeled sandals. It is a silver sandal with a strap over the toes and another attached to the ankle with a buckle. Feel the weight of your naked body on this sandal whose feel you know. Feel and listen to your breath in this cold, very cold climate chamber. On the right I see someone you definitely already know who is; not? I sent you her profile link by direct message couple of days ago. She is a very beautiful woman, tall, green eyes now, blonde, big breasts, soft curvy forms, fairy look, fairy smile. I'll call the first one I described Red and the second, Green.

And I'll start with you, Green. Take a step forward and see me little by little, emerging from the darkness as the light from the two lampshades around the bed intensifies. I'm sitting on the edge of the bed, see me, with an old-fashioned robbe and my hand extended to you. What color are the sheets on this bed; do you already know? They are black satin; they are not? Walk towards me feeling every step, your whole physical machine moving within the freezing air of this chamber. Come, take my hand. Feel my hand around yours. Are you all right? Kiss my face. Hnm what perfume is that on your neck? I can say that it has a sweet touch. Feel that I also kiss your face, your neck, your shoulder. I put a hand on the back of your neck, turn your head with the other hand and kiss your mouth. Let my touch be real, my kiss. What is real, if not what can be felt? Feel, just feel and make it real and eternal in this place, this topos outside space-time where nothing is corrupted or disappears.

Turn your back on me, Green. And put your left foot here in my hand. I'm holding your hips, won't let you fall down to the floor. Feel my hand holding your foot, Green Fairy. This look and smile of yours can heal someone who is suffering; did you know? I will kiss your foot; feel my kiss, my hot mouth; a soft bite on that tender flesh of your solz furrowed for me, very furrowed. Hnm. Feel my tongue sliding over that milk skin, counting every groove of your flesh. Delicious. A kiss on your calf; feel my mouth trying to swallow your whole calf, feel my hot saliva on your skin. I kiss calves as they kiss breasts. Feel my two hands smoothing your thighs, bringing you right in front of my body and face. Feel my hands on your hips pulling you back. Put your hands on your knees and snatch that butt for me. Feel that I open your flesh with my thumbs. And I put my tongue inside your body; I start to kiss your asshole like a mouth kisses. Feel, Green, my tongue inside you, my head spinning, a light suction of passionate kiss. I know you're very well looked after. And I can spend ten minutes here. Feel my kisses all over your little ass upturned to me now. Can you feel it? One kiss, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven kisses. Feel my thumbs opening you up again and another passionate kiss, another long, deep blowjob from me on your little asshole. I’m crazy to suck that asshole. 

Okay. Now I'm going to call you, Red. No, you won't be just looking any longer. Come, take my hand. Make room for her, Green; and stay right there, very close. Come on, Red, walk towards me, feeling the ground under your feet and those silver heels. Take my hand, delight. Give your mouth to me; feel my passionate kiss, hungry, almost fierce. Sit on my lap right away, and put your legs wide open on my legs. Hook your feet under my calves. Feel my phallus erect, hard, hot, pulsing for you as it is also here, now, where I write, thinking about you.

Lift your body a little bit, lean to the side and let me fit my organ inside your little butt, Red. Hnmm ssss… Shall we do it without lubrication? Feel your mucosa tighten and my organ penetrate you with difficulty in the beginning; first, just the head, then the rest, inch by inch, with a lot of friction, burning, burning; yell, if you need to, complain, show the panther teeth of that way of yours. And feel that my dick is getting softer and better fitted in your asshole; feel like I'm inside you and pulsing really hot, Red. This nickname is perfect for you; not? Red. Feel my legs moving, my knees and yours moving together in and out, and making your breasts bounce. But I will not let this be too fast for sure.

Green, kneel down here, in front of Red. See her open vagina, wide open, in front of your face; feet hooked behind my calves. Adjust your hair, Green, behind your ears, because she will feel you now. Run your tongue over it, slowly and lovingly. Do your best; use the tongue and the finger. Red, feel the head of this beautiful blonde between your legs. Feel her tongue on the flower of your sex and my hard cock stuck in your coveted little asshole. Feel and make it real in infinity. Feel my legs moving in short strokes; put your hand on Green's head, caress her hair; pull her further in, guide her movements, while she sucks you. A kiss on your back, on your shoulder.

Red, you're going to step on the bed now; take off your sandals, brushing them on my leg until they leave and put your left foot on the mattress. Feel your movements, hear the shoe falling on the floor; be here with us, body and soul. Now, put your foot right in my hand, on the mattress. My other hand is still behind, supporting my body. Green, see before your face that Red has changed her position; kiss her passionately, don't miss the opportunity: she can see and feel you, I guarantee. Both of you are sending a body, a kind of "Matrix body" to this place right now. Not a big thing, don't be scared about it.

Now, I'm going to step back with my body, put my feet on the mattress and go to the bottom of the bed. Small women are easier to drive in these movements; you know that, Red? I like. Green, lie down next to us and put your little finger inside Red's little pussy. Go slowly, moving like a little earthworm, always in this movement, deeper and deeper.

Red, feel like I lay under you with my elbows on the bed; put your hands back on the mattress. You can account for that position and movement; can not? Feel Green's finger and my cock inside you at the same time. I want you to fuck my dick with your ass, and fuck it beautifuly; strength, babe; show the panther that you are, that you know how to be on stage and in life. Fuck hard, go! Feel your movements! hnnmmm ssssssss… Green, kiss her breasts, suck Red's nipple; kiss her mouth. Red, break my dick inside you, break it, rip it out; shake, go crazy, come and go. Green, don't let your finger come out of that woman. Hear her moans, how delicious. Hear. The best part would be thissssss aaaaahh!





ssssssssssssss aaaaaaaaahhh














Both of you come and lay your heads on my chest now. And rub your feet on my legs, slowly and continuously. Let's have a kiss with three mouths, three tongues ​​looking for each other? Perfect you together.

Now, while the lampshades are dimming, we are all going to leave this place, little by little. And come back to see the rooms around us. Little by little. 

Keep my energy in your veins and your gazes.